Licensed Tracks

The CVBA operates two Licensed Tracks which offer safe off-road horse riding between Sarratt and Bucks Hill and – in the case of the Little Westwood track – from Bucks Hill to the Jeffery’s Farm bridleway and back to Chipperfield Woods.

To use these tracks you must be a CVBA member and hold a current annual disk, and have Third Party insurance. The current cost of a single annual disk aims to meet the rents charged by the landowners involved.

Periodically, the CVBA holds ‘spot checks’ on both Licensed Tracks, and disk holders are also encouraged to challenge other riders using the tracks if discs are not displayed. The CVBA cannot, by itself, finance the annual costs of these tracks; their longer term future thus depends on membership sales.

Please head to our Membership page to find out the costs and how to become a member.


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