CVBA Membership

If you are a local horse rider – or your children ride locally – it makes perfect sense to join and support CVBA – we are the local experts for safer on and off road riding. To ride our Licensed Tracks you must be a CVBA Member and hold a Licensed Track Permit and current disk (as shown here).

We also organise member only guided rides, where you can meet fellow members, make new riding friends and exchange stories!

If you are a new member, or wish to renew your membership, please select your membership option, complete the membership form (if applicable) and pay below.

You can email our Membership Secretary here if you have any questions.

CVBA Membership Options

CVBA Membership Form
Please choose a password for your membership account
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    Please include a postcode, as we need this to send over your membership disc.
    • The Disc, which is non-transferable, must be displayed.
    • Riders not displaying their Disc may be challenged and turned back.
    • The ‘Waymarked’ Tracks are as per map.
    • Care must be exercised concerning farm traffic particularly at harvest time.
    I confirm that I have third Party Insurance and that I will indemnify the owners of the ‘Tracks’ against all claims, for which I could be held responsible, arising from my use of the ‘Tracks’.
    I undertake to ride only on the ‘Waymarked’ Tracks and to ride with CONSIDERATION and CARE.
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