Croxley Green Bridleway Applications (The Buddleias) – APPROVED!

On Wednesday 11 February 2015 the Inspector approved the Modification Order described below. There is now a bridleway through the Buddleias Field to Mill Lane, with Footpaths 11 & 17 that link into it becoming bridleways as well.

Congratulations to Mo Sims, of the CVBA, and those who have been assisting her in the campaign over the past ten years!

See below for the full story and the map showing the new bridleways. You can find a map and description of the ride from Croxley Green to Croxley Moor using the new bridleways on our Bridleways & Tracks page.

In October 2005 I applied for All Saints Lane/Lavrock Lane Footpath 11 in Croxley Hall Wood to be upgraded to Bridleway status and for the upgrade also of Footpath 17, by the shops on Watford Road. Enough evidence was supplied to show that riders have used a route through the Buddleias and Long Valley Woods for many years to gain access to Croxley Common Moor.

During 2012 all those who had submitted Evidence Forms were asked to attend a meeting with the Herts County Council Solicitor to go through their evidence so that an ‘official’ copy could be submitted with the application to the Inspector. After a long wait and much paperwork, a three day Public Enquiry was held in March 2014. The Inspector was very thorough and made his own site visit so he was fully aware of the matter in hand and in October 2014 he approved the application. HOWEVER ………. there was a slight error on the map submitted with the paperwork so this then formed the basis of a Modification Order.

This has now been approved!

Mo Sims
Secretary CVBA

Croxley Green Buddleias Bridleway map - approved