Memorial Track – Bucks Hill

See below a video shared by one of our Committee members riding on the Memorial Track as discussed below – this should help you recognise it. Please let the Committee know if you regularly ride the track as requested below. There are also surveys out to as many yards as possible to give us a firm idea of how many people use this track to avoid the busy roads around it.


” The Jasmine Safety Track Trust established, and has maintained, the Memorial Track in Bucks Hill since 1997. They are now seeking to have the Track adopted as a Public Bridleway, to protect it for current Riders and for future generations. To achieve this we need your strong support “.

Please support us by a message on our Contact Form stating approximately how often you use the Memorial Track, where your horse is stabled, and giving a contact name/number/email address. Please head your message Memorial Track as well.

A committee member will also be visiting yards/stables in the area of the Memorial Track with a survey.