Jasmine Memorial track - plaques

Jasmine Safety Track Trust: Memorial Track at Bucks Hill

The Jasmine Safety Track Trust (JSTT) are pleased to confirm that the future of the Memorial Track at Bucks Hill is now assured.

The Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust (PGBT), has agreed to take over the land used by the track. PGBT is a charity formed in 2003 when the Patchetts Green Riding Club closed, to continue the Club’s bridleways work (for more information please see www.pgbt.org.uk).

PGBT and the Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) have agreed to enter into a public path creation agreement in respect of the Memorial Track. The effect will be that the Memorial Track becomes a Public Bridleway maintainable by the County Council. The formal creation is just awaiting the final legal documentation, which has been delayed due to Covid restrictions.

We are delighted to have achieved this as the track will now be protected for riders for the future.

The CVBA are taking over the maintenance of the memorial and plaques, so anyone who would like a plaque please contact the CVBA via. our contact form.

JSTT would like to thank everyone who has helped with this complicated process, and enabled it to happen, including:

  • HCC Countryside and Rights of Way, including Richard Cuthbert (Team Lead Definitive Map and Enforcement) and Brian Gillam (Definitive Map Officer)
  • PGBT, including Phil Wadey and his Trustee Colleagues.
  • CVBA, including Angela Kemp and Committee

And everyone who completed the petition, which provided very important evidence of the importance of this track and the need to protect it for the future.

Jasmine Safety Track Trust, JSTT was formed in 1993, by Tina Robinson and Judy Bartlett, with the sole aim of getting riders off dangerous roads. They have opened 7 off-road tracks since then.

  • The Langley Road Track became a “Hertfordshire Highways Safety Track” in 2009.
  • The ‘Westwood Track’ is now managed by CVBA.
  • The ‘Narrows Track’ in Bucks Hill was dedicated as a Public Bridleway in 2002.
  • The ‘Memorial Track’ in Bucks Hill will also become a Public Bridleway.

Following all these changes, the JSTT will now be formally disbanded.

The remaining tracks will hopefully continue to be made available to horse riders as “Permissive Tracks” at the discretion of the individual landowners. These would be totally at riders’ own risk and insurance. Please be aware that they could close at any time so please use with consideration and care.

JSTT are very happy that all these tracks are now in place for people to ride.
They would like to thank everyone who has supported them, and raised and donated money, over many years. We have a very special thank you to Tara Aldwin for her continuous support and donations.

Finally, the JSTT Trustees would like to particularly recognise and thank Carol Hannah, who has been a driving force with the Trust since its beginning, led it for the last 10 years, and has been important in enabling it to achieve everything that it has.

We now send a sad, but fond, farewell from JSTT.

JSTT Trustees.