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AGM Minutes 2023

AGM Minutes

Wednesday 19th April 2023

Flaunden Village Hall

Attendees:  Annabel Heathcote – Chairman

Juliette Kent – Treasurer

Penny Powell – Secretary

Val Sceats – Membership Secretary

Claire Carpentier – Social Events Co-ordinator

Saira Bunnage – Social Events Co-ordinator

Nicky Park – Social Media Co-ordinator

Val Littlejohn

Jenny Element

Sue Hughes-Thomas

Nikky Barrett


Apologies:  Tanya Viol – Member

Amanda Chapman – Member

Peter Natt – BHS Access Officer

John Featherstone – BHS West Hertfordshire


  1. Chairman’s Report

After the new committee joined us in April last year, we set about dragging ourselves into the 21st Century.  We have a new website and online membership renewal now, and a Yard Representatives WhatsApp group.  We have acknowledged GDPR and as an association linked with the BHS, the committee will be attending remote training for safeguarding.

There is a lot more to do than clear the odd tree from a track, however close links with the local Parish Councils are essential.  Grange Farm in Bovingdon has Penny Powell (Secretary) and the BHS Access Officer on the case.  Sarratt Coronation Bank Holiday activities will have a CVBA banner and possible representation from the CVBA Committee, in the heart of the community.

We had a very successful Quiz in October that raised just shy of £500 and then a New Year’s ride for Ukraine, and £200 was raised for the World Horse Welfare Ukraine Appeal.  We even made the Chipperfield News and the Sarratt Spotlight.  Thanks to the Committee members who volunteered to organise these events for us.

We are now working with Charlie MacLeod Matthews with regard to the Metro Track.  It was 10 years ago in March that we opened the track.  He is happy to renew, but we need to look at the repairs, maybe fund raise in the Chorleywood area specifically as he is now busy with the farm and the Manor bookings.  With Covid and Lockdown, the track has sustained a lot of damage.  Remember the field full of sunflowers, all the fencing was broken while seeking a photo opportunity!!

Moonshine is for ever giving us rabbit holes, however it’s the nature of the track, so keep reporting and we will keeping filling in as best as we can!!

Communication is key, so the website/FaceBook page and WhatsApp groups help us keep in touch with the membership.

We have two retiring Committee Members this year.  Juliette Kent, our Treasurer, and Val Littlejohn, an original trustee from the Jasmine Safety Track in 1993.

I’m actually not sure how long Val Littlejohn has been involved as I shredded my stuff from over 20 years ago!!.  She has run scavenger hunts, made packed lunches, helped at race nights, quizzes and pie suppers run at Hillmeads’ Farm barn back in the day, and will be sorely missed as a constant in the background of the committee.  A local horse rider for most of her time in the area, and always a source of knowledge.  She will be missed by us all.

Juliette joined the committee in 2016 and, apologies if this is incorrect, but that is when I first found you in the minutes!  She was an existing member of the CVBA and knew Angela Kemp our ex-chair and committee member, and they rode together.  She was also a regular attendee with her granddaughter on our escorted rides.  As an Accountant she was perfectly set to take over the Treasurer role mid-term, and we are and will always be grateful for all her work with the accounts.  HOWEVER, for those who have attended our quizzes over the years, you will be well acquainted with her amazing bakes, as she always makes the puddings.  I will miss that bit especially…….

We are always looking for Committee members. We meet 10 times a year, and anyone with accountancy/numbers experience would be amazing as we need someone to fill Juliette’s role ASAP.  In fact, she can’t fully step down until we do.

Going forward, in the future, we will be developing the website to possibly have a selling page for horsey stuff.  We will be holding a yard representative evening to talk to them about membership, and off road riding in the area.  Another quiz will be in the offing, maybe in the Kings Langley area, and of course the Metro Track fundraiser, any ideas gratefully received.

Once again, thank you for joining us this evening to celebrate 50 years of the CVBA.


  • Treasurer’s Report

 Sheets have been laid out around the room for people to look at, but overall the CVBA is in a good position financially.  It is a bit down on last year, but this is, in main, due to increasing costs of maintenance of the tracks.  The accounts have been duly audited.

Income for the year 2022-2023 is £5374.89, with expenditure at £4390.92, leaving the outstanding balance at £9083.97.  The Current Account at year ending end of February was £4247.74, and the Reserve Account at £7044.72.


  • Retirement and Re-election of the Committee

Annabel Heathcote was proposed by Penny Powell (Secretary) to be re-elected as the Chairman, seconded by Janine Page – the motion was carried.

Penny Powell, Val Sceats, Claire Carpentier, Saira Bunnage, Nicky Park, Nikki Barrett, Sue Hughes-Thomas and Jenny Element  were all re-elected as members of the Committee for another year.

Juliette Kent and Val Littlejohn stood down from the Committee.  Both Juliette and Val were presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers and a voucher with thanks from the Committee for all their hard work.


  • Going Forward

All members will be receiving an email in the morning regarding their membership renewal, which can now be done on line, with payments being able to be made either by Bank Transfer or PayPal.  Further developments are expected on the website.

Communication remains a key priority for the future, and we hope to continue to develop methods such as WhatsApp, the Website, and Yard Representatives.

More fund-raising and social events will continue, but if anyone has any ideas, please let the Committee know.

The meeting closed on a positive note for the future of the CVBA.

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